International training ‘Expedition’

Nectarus is hosting a training course in Lithuania for youth workers who are working in rural areas and small towns. Training is organised with partners abroad and invites participants from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey* to participate in this training activity.

Duing the training course participants will have opportunities to share their experiences, learn new methodologies and technologies of how to turn the youth work into an adventure. Participant’s registration is open until 20 March, 2016:

Board, lodging and programme costs will be covered with the co-funding of the Erasmus+ Programme. Travel costs (except for participants from Lithuania) will be covered according to the actual costs up to the maximum lump sums allocated in the project budget.

At the end of the programme, participants will be invited to contribute financially. You will be able to decide the participation fee within the rage of 20 to 50 Eur. If justified, participants may be exempted from contributing participation fee.

*Applications for participants from Turkey is over due to the earlier visa procedures.

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