• (Lietuviškai) Skaitmeninio darbo su jaunimu įsivertinimas

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  • (Lietuviškai) Kodėl mums reikia skaitmeninio darbo su jaunimu?

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  • Trakų rajonas yra čiotkas, nes yra #ciotkai komanda

    Čiotkai arba #Ciotkai – jaunimo iniciatyvinė grupė iš Rūdiškių bei Lentvario miestelių, įgyvendinanti solidarumo projektą. Šiuo projektu siekiame sustiprinti bendruomenės ryšį ne tik savo miestuose, bet ir tarp jų, įgalinti jaunus žmones nepaisant jų amžiaus, sumažinti diskriminaciją lyties ir rasės pagrindu, sukurti daugiau veiklų apjungiančių visą bendruomenę bei skleisti solidarumo sąvoką savo aplinkoje! Mums, jauniems […]

  • Effective Digital Habits

    Growing curious, digitally agile youth workers with a portfolio of digital competences to realise digital youth work. Creating digitally proactive partner organisations through capacity building, giving young people the chance to be safe, resilient and able to learn in today’s world. ‘Effective Digital Habits (EDH) for Youth Work’ was a long term project realised through […]

  • Maker culture in Budapest

    “No matter what profession you will pursue in future, it is always good to know how technology works” Since it is always good to also include local practices in seminars we had booked a visit to the local makerspace. We were warmly received by the Makerspace staff, and the founder, Péter Fuchs. Peter explained the […]

  • Social media for good and for better

    Being hosted in the European Youth Centre Budapest, the seminar created unique opportunities to learn more about the youth activities supported by the Council of Europe. This European institution promotes international youth work activities in three directions: human rights education, democratic participation and the rule of law. Laszlo Foldi shared the experience of implementing the […]

  • Digital youth work developments are taking steps forward

    The 2nd edition of the seminar ‘Developing digital youth work’ marked a new milestone in this area of youth work. Few months before, in February, the European expert group on digitalisation of youth work released their recommendations on developing digital youth work in Europe. Their recommendations provide excellent foundations for further reflection, exchange and developments […]

  • (Lietuviškai) WITHIN OUTDOOR mokymai ieško dalyvių

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  • How to facilitate learning during youth exchanges

    Designing and leading workshops During the training course “Tools for Youth Exchanges” participants were asked to design and implement a workshop. They received a fictional scenario of a youth exchange and their task was to design a 60 minute workshop to address one of the topics relevant to scenario using participatory working methods. The workshop […]

  • How to choose effective tools for youth exchanges

    “A youth exchange is more than a holiday!?” This was the opening statement for the international training course “Tools for Youth Exchanges” in Finland. A rather provocative statement for the youth exchange organisers attending this training course, but very fitting to the idea behind this training. Many young people who take part in the youth […]

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