• Defining the concept of “Digital youth work”

    Although we naturally sent out lots of material to our participants from 16 countries beforehand, we also had some unexpected help to “set the stage” for our seminar. The in-flight magazine on the flight from Helsinki to Oulu featured an article eight pages long about the changing curriculum and teaching approaches in schools across Finland. […]

  • Playing catch-up with the digital (r)evolution

    In Europe digital youth work methods have seen a significant growth in interest over the last few years. This is a direct result of the increasing prevalence of technology and increased pervasiveness of digital tools and networks in young people’s lives. The use of digital tools is now more commonly than ever accepted as a […]

  • Next Urban Adventure is Just Around the Corner

    You work with young people in urban environment and want to create a learning experience that is exciting, happening outdoors and uses digital technologies? With ‘Expedition’ you can make the usual and familiar urban environment a base for unusual learning experiences. 20 people from 11 countries (Italy, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, USA, Germany, […]

  • Virtual reality is entering non-formal education

    By Giedrė Simanauskaitė Giedrė Simanauskaitė is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Non-Formal Education and communication expert. With a cardboard box on their eyes people stood one by one and shook their heads. “This is strange,” I thought to myself. “What are they looking at?” Later, when talking to participants of the “Off Roads” […]

  • Learn with and about digital technologies

    “Nectarus” team collected into one collection educational workshops to learn with and about digital technologies. You can download this manual and organise worksops to learn interesting technologies and better understand their impact on our learning. Download workshop manual in English. Write to us info@nectarus.lt should you wish to organise similar workshops at your place.

  • Expeditions – Learning on the Move

    How do you motivate young people for physical activities in rural areas, seemingly boring environment? They just sit and play video games, you say? In fact, Eurobarometer states, that youngsters in EU lack physical activity. At the same time the tendency is obvious that young people use increasingly more new technologies and 80% of young […]

  • Expeditions begins!

    Ar you a youth work who works in the rural places? Young people complain there is nothing to do there? Do you want to use digital technologies to develop their skills to design and experience adventures in the middle of nowhere? Join “Expeditions“! #expeditionLT Expeditions is a methodology that can be used by youth workers […]

  • International training ‘Expedition’

    Nectarus is hosting a training course in Lithuania for youth workers who are working in rural areas and small towns. Training is organised with partners abroad and invites participants from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey* to participate in this training activity. Duing the training course participants will have opportunities […]

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